About Us

Melach 33 Founder, Jennifer McClure, has been to every corner of the Earth—literally. From the sandy beaches of California to the snowy peaks of the Alps, no place captured her senses like the stunning turquoise shores of the Dead Sea.

Let’s start at the beginning. An epicenter of spirituality and history, the Dead Sea has long served as a destination for those seeking renewal of the body and soul. For 3 million years, the desert sun has baked the rich soil, slowly distilling one of nature’s most unique and prized products: Dead Sea Minerals. During ancient times, those seeking everlasting beauty traveled far and wide to reach this ultimate destination --- consider it the all-mighty Sephora of the ancient world. Still today, surrounding civilizations trek over 1,200 feet below sea level, to bathe in its emerald waters. Science now proves what the ancients knew for centuries: Dead Sea minerals hold magical skin-softening and wrinkle-erasing abilities. The Dead Sea’s unique 33% salt content (a mind-blowing 10 times more than the saltiest ocean water) produces mineral-rich crystals—the same minerals that facilitate our body’s ability to regenerate cells and naturally detoxify. Simply put: this stuff is good. Dead Sea Salt has long been used in beauty routines because it possesses a miraculous 21 of the essential minerals that the human body relies on to power all functions (12 of these minerals are exclusively found in the Dead Sea).

Melach 33 was born from McClure’s desire to bring the sacred healing powers of the ancient world to your beauty ritual (without having to make the trek to the Dead Sea yourself—you’re welcome!). Transport yourself to a far off place while using our products to revitalize your morning routine and de-stress with an evening of pampering. We have worked tirelessly to engineer a skincare line that harnesses all the benefits of the magically revitalizing Dead Sea salt combined with a specialized mixture of nourishing desert oils. Continuing in the tradition of the ancients, we are here to bring you beauty secrets from the sands of time, to help you turn back the hands of time.